Feed and Grow: Fish

Feed and Grow: Fish

Feed and Grow: Fish is a game where you play as a fish and your goal is to eat other fish and grow big. As you eat fish, they will get smaller and your fish will get bigger. It's a very simple and fun game.


In this game, you are a fish with a mission to eat other fish and grow. But beware of bigger fish out there. When you eat the smaller fish, you grow bigger and bigger. But bigger fish will eat you. So you have to be careful. You have to eat as much fish as you can to grow big, and avoid the bigger fish.


Feed and Grow: Fish graphics are made in a cartoonish style, which fits this game the best. The colors are bright and the lines are smooth. This game will be great both for kids and adults.

The graphics are clear and well-made. It is great that the fish is moving. The fish has a happy face that makes you want to feed him more. The fish moves in the water, it is not just a picture.


I'd say, this game has average replayability. It doesn't have any plot behind it. Though it has good gameplay, it'd be good only for playing once in a while, when you're bored. If you're a hardcore gamer, you'll get bored with it pretty fast. Play Feed and Grow: Fish if you want to relax and have fun.


Feed and Grow: Fish is a great game for kids and adults, both. It is made in a cartoonish style, so it is both funny and cute. It is not a game that you'd play for a long time, but it helps you to relax and have fun. I can recommend it for all ages.



  • Lots of fish types
  • Almost 30 biomes
  • Customization of fish tanks
  • Free bonuses and gifts.


  • The game is too hard to level up
  • The game is too expensive.

Graphics and Sound 8

Controls 8

Gameplay 8

Lasting Appeal 9

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