Cat Goes Fishing

Cat Goes Fishing

Cat Goes Fishing is a cute game for the kids. It is an educational game that develops memory, reflexes, attention and concentration. Cat wants to eat fish. Fish are jumping out of the water and Cat must catch them with a net. One fish is worth 1 point, two fish are worth 2 points, three fish are worth 3 points, four fish are worth 4 points and five fish are worth 5 points. The fish are worth different point amounts depending on the number of fish in the net. You can touch the screen to make the net bigger and catch more fish. The higher the points you score, the higher your score is.


Cat Goes Fishing gameplay is based on quick decision-making and reactions. The app takes you through a maze of rivers and lakes, where you have to catch as many fish as you can. You use a fishing hook to catch the fish, and then flick them into your bucket. The fish will keep coming until your bucket is full. The game's play is a bit like the classic Supermarket Mania. Each fish has a different value, so you have to judge whether it is worth spending your time catching the fish. There is a bonus for catching a fish in succession. The game has a high score table to see how you compare to other players.


Cat Goes Fishing graphics are very cute and adorable. The character is a lovely cat. The background is very colorful. It has a colorful lake. There are lots of fishes in the lake. I love this game.


Cat Goes Fishing replayability is low because there is no actual goal for the player to reach. The player can only repeat the same actions again and again, and he can't get any reward for doing it. Cat Goes Fishing is a typical mobile game. It is entertaining for a while, but it is very repetitive and boring after a while.


Cat Goes Fishing is a very simple game that is entertaining for a while. The game is very repetitive and boring after a while. The game is fun for a small amount of time.


  • Cat Goes Fishing is a web-based game. Which makes it accessible from anywhere in the world. Free
  • Fun to play
  • Saves your progress automatically.


  • You need an internet connection to play it.

Graphics and Sound 7

Controls 7

Gameplay 8

Lasting Appeal 7

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