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New Awesome Content May Be Added to Sims 4 Early This Year The Sims 4 has been teasing us with content that will become available in early 2022 for a while now. The official Twitter account of the Sims 4 has shared its roadmap for the next several months called ‘Something to Celebrate’. According to it, two Kits, a Game Pack, and some free content will be made available fairly soon. The Game Pack seems to be love-themed, so there is already a lot of speculation on whether it will be focused on weddings or not. If that turns out to be true, then hopefully we are going to see honeymoons as well as proper bachelor and bachelorette parties. The two upcoming Kits, however, were simply described as “vibrant” and having “fierce design”, which really doesn’t tell us much about what’s going to be in them. Thankfully, there is no mystery surrounding the free content that will become available, since it’s already been confirmed that it will include “global” food items. The right side of the roadmap contains a picture of a tiger, which led many fans to theorize that the game might celebrate the Lunar New Year. And the final thing that the roadmap has teased was the “unique community collaborations”, but right now it’s up for anyone’s guess what those collaborations will be. Also, early 2022 may also see the addition of new pronouns to Sims 4 after a fan petition has gathered over 21,000 signatures. The development team has confirmed all the way back in May 2021 that this will definitely be happening. Thus, members of the LBTQ community will be able to rejoice since non-binary language will be coming to The Sims universe. Are you excited to take your Sims on a honeymoon? What do you think the two “vibrant” Kits will include? Tell us what you think in the comments.25 Continue Reading The World’s Best RPG Trilogy Added to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Tough luck, if you’re a regular $10-per-month subscriber to the Xbox Game Pass since this news only concerns people who are subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The world’s best RPGs were added via EA Play, which is a part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, meaning that regular subscribers won’t be able to play these games. If, however, you are a premium subscriber, you can expect to play all parts of the remastered version of the Mass Effect Trilogy, which became available less than a year ago. Not only that but all of the DLCs are also included in the game. If you’re experiencing a strong sense of déjà vu, that’s because of a rumor regarding the addition of the game to EA Pass and, consequently, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate was floating around the internet just last month. Thankfully, this rumor turned out to be true, even though many speculated that this addition may also concern regular Xbox Game Pass subscribers. Thanks to this wonderful addition, you will once again be able to pilot the Normandy and explore the galaxy as Commander Shepard, fall in love with the adorable Liara T’Soni, and help Tali’Zorah in her quest to save her people. The trilogy comes with over 40 DLCs as well as countless textures that were remastered and optimized for 4K resolution. There has never been a game that made you feel the consequences of your actions so viscerally and made you so attached to its characters. Did you play all of the Mass Effect games in the past? Are you excited to play the remastered version? Or are you upset that this game wasn’t included in the regular Xbox Game Pass? Tell us what you think in the comment section.25 Continue Reading