Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts is a physics-based multiplayer fighting game with 4 game modes. You can play with up to 4 players locally or 8 players online. It's a fun game to play with friends. 

There are different game modes to choose. I prefer the normal mode when I play because it's the most straightforward mode. Normal mode is a free-for-all game mode. You can punch, toss, and seize your opponents to eliminate them. You also need to be cautious of the obstacles in the level, as they will eliminate you too if you touch them.

You can also play with your friends in the Team mode. This is essentially the same game mode, with the only difference being that you must eliminate your opponents' team members before they eliminate your team members. This is my preferred game mode.


Gang Beasts gameplay is like a physics-based fighting game in which players use their fists to fight opponents. This allows the player to perform many different moves and combos. In the game, there are various characters with different abilities, such as strong or tall, or fast characters. The player can choose any character he wants, and then pick up the other characters and throw them, as well as punch and kick them.

The game can host up to eight players at the same time. The goal of the game is to knock out all other players in the arena. There is a time limit in each round, and the player who survives will be the winner.


Gang Beasts graphics are 2D, simple and cartoonish. The game is created in Unity Engine, which allows developers to create cartoonish graphics, so they use it to their advantage. There are also some nice lighting effects and cool details in the game, which make it better. The characters are very nicely animated, their movements have a lot of variety. The characters have a lot of different moves, which allows them to interact with the environment in many different ways. The environments are also nice.


Gang Beasts is a fun game to play with friends online, so it has quite good replayability. The game also includes a local multiplayer mode, that is probably the real reason why you would want to play the game again, and again. Gang Beasts is a fighting game, but it's also a platform game. As you are fighting, you will try to avoid obstacles, jump over gaps, and climb stairs. You will also need to use the environment to your advantage. For example, you can throw your opponent into a pit, or you can throw them into a fire. The game is very funny, and it can be really hard to win. There are also many characters to choose from. This is what brings the game its replayability.


Gang Beasts is a funny game that can be played with your friends online, or with your friends on the same computer. The game has a lot of charm, and it's a good choice for a party. Gang Beasts is available for free. There are no in-app purchases or ads, and the game is very well designed.

The game is not very demanding so it will run on low-end computers, but it still looks nice. The controls are easy to learn, but they can be hard to master. The graphics and the gameplay are the main parts of the game, and they are the real reason why you would want to play this game.


  • It's a fast-paced game
  • The game is simple to play
  • Many characters to choose from.


  • There isn’t really any difference between characters except for their appearance.

Graphics and Sound 8

Controls 8

Gameplay 8

Lasting Appeal 9

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