The Teardown is a sandbox with lots of adventures and destructible voxels. Destroy the objects and save the company from more debts. It is still in early access since October 2020. The game was created by Tuxedo Labs. It is available on PC. There is no exact date of the official release.

Tear Down the Universe

You have a rare opportunity in front of you which is to tear down everything you see on your way. Developers did a great job of providing you a wide range of tools from shotguns, bombs, sledgehammers, to simple planks. The levels are open world, made of voxels you can destroy completely. There is even a well-developed story behind all the demolishing. You play as an owner of Lockelle Teardown Services. You destroy the old object for money. And now you are in debt so you have to take extra jobs. You don’t have to destroy everything, you may steal some valuable objects if you want.

The game is separated into several parts. The first one contains 20 missions with unique objects in each of them. Use the tools you have to destroy these objects. Once you win the level more tools are unlocked. You may also use in-game currency to buy the tools or upgrade them. You need to collect valuables to do it. You can destroy buildings and vehicles. If you are a fan of explosions there are lots of objects ready to get blown up. You have to set up everything in order for a quick demolition. There is no timer for it. Yet, once you start the fire, you have sixty seconds for everything, including reaching your vehicle on time.

The graphics of this game looks pixel-ish. All the scenery around the objects are well-developed and beautiful. And the objects look like they were built from cubes. Don’t worry, there is no Minecraft atmosphere. You don’t build anything, you destroy it. If you miss it in Minecraft, go to Teardown. You will have a wide range of tools, objects, and even methods to destroy everything. There are universes created specifically for you. Check them out before you get rid of them.

Controls in Teardown are not that hard. You will make lots of moves, but since they are repetitive, and you may already learn them playing any other games on your PC, there will be no problem. The interface is clear and understandable. You don’t need to check on your vital indicators but you still have to check the time, since you have it limited after you set the fire. If you have several options of tools, you may change them while working.

Although the game is still in early access, you may enjoy the high replay value. It does not have a logical end and you can change everything you do. If you are tired of one tool, try another. Go from one world to destroy the other. The game is single-player, but you don’t have any friends to enjoy the demolishing you make. Check out your scores and improve them. Use different approaches and change plans. Try switching techniques for the same objects.

Meditative Effect of Teardown

Instead of being angry with your boss/ professor/ teacher/ parent, you can open Teardown and destroy half of the universe. The game is meditative. Unlock your frustrations using a diverse selection of tools from hammers to explosives. Obliterate the structures and vehicles that require eradication, earn the well-deserved rewards, and return to a contented state of mind.



  • Evergreen gameplay
  • Wide range of tools
  • Open world destructible voxels
  • Numerous vehicles
  • Unique graphics.


  • The game is still in early access
  • There is only a PC version.

Graphics and Sound 9

Controls 10

Gameplay 9

Lasting Appeal 10

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