Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village is the sequel to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. This is a survival horror game from the first-person perspective for adults only. The game was developed by Capcom, and published in 2021. It is available on PS4 and PS5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Welcome to Transylvania 2.0

Have you missed the brave hero Ethan Winters? He comes back with more struggles this time. Once he finds his sweet wife Mia, his 6 months daughter is kidnapped. Her name is Rosemary, and yes, we see the irony. The family is in some little village in Eastern Europe. And guess what? Some of the inhabitants are vampires. But don’t jump to conclusions! This game is far from being predictable. Instead of just vampires, you receive four bosses with their minions who serve mysterious Miranda. And apparently, she is some kind of divine creature. Now, about these four bosses:

  • Lady Alcina Dimitrescu, beautiful, but an evil vampire. She lives in the Castle Dimitrescu with her three daughters;
  • Donna Beneviento is a ghost or a ghost-like creature. She dwells in House Beneviento. All her commands are performed by a personal puppet;
  • Salvatore Moreau is a possible merman. He lives in a lake near the village;
  • Karl Heisenberg is probably a human with superpowers. He manipulates magnetic fields.

As you may anticipate, the storyline is intricately crafted and encompasses numerous intricate elements that require your close attention. If you were to shut your eyes following the unexpected assault of malevolent creatures, you would miss out on the unfolding narrative. Your primary objective is to locate and rescue an infant while defeating your adversaries. If you have sufficient time, you can attempt to unravel the interconnected tales filled with even more intricate narratives. Nonetheless, this game will certainly capture and hold your interest throughout.

Graphics of Resident Evil Village are highly realistic. It is so realistic that there is an 18+ age rate. You can’t even see the page of the game on Steam unless you confirm your age. If you want an effect of total presence you have to check this game. Make sure you are not the one who can get easily scared since there are lots of horrors around you. But you can’t miss these gorgeous landscapes inspired by the Victorian era and castles inspired by the Dracula book.

There are so many things you have to do to move forward in Resident Evil Village, you will not finish the game even in a week. And when you win it, you still want to visit it again. The game offers you fascinating places to visit and lots of mysteries to uncover. Besides, there are some of your favorite characters from previous Resident Evil games. Besides, developers revealed that there will be a multiplayer mode for up to 6 players in 2022.

As for controls, you may already be familiar with them, playing any Resident Evil games. They are standard. And even if it is your first game in the series, you still can quickly learn everything you need. However, the trick is, sometimes the game is getting too intense and you can’t lose your clear mind. Think carefully about your next steps. Try to analyze the situation you are in and decide which solution suits you the best at the moment.

Magic of Resident Evil Village

The game attracts you from first glance even if you can’t stand horrors. It has so many mysteries that only you can solve, you can’t miss the opportunity. Before you get scared by mystic creatures, take a good look at the atmospheric village.


  • Gorgeous sceneries
  • Intriguing characters
  • Well-developed plot
  • Lots of mysteries
  • Legendary main character.


  • Not all modes are available now
  • The game is 18+ only.

Graphics and Sound 10

Controls 10

Gameplay 10

Lasting Appeal 10

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