Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V

  You can use different vehicles like cars, motorcycles, bikes and many others to drive through the streets of the game. You can come across different missions while driving. You can even steal cars if you want. The game is set in the fictional city of Los Santos and you can do whatever you want in this city. You can even do some crazy stuff like skydiving etc. The game has some good graphics and the control of the vehicles is very smooth and realistic. You can also customize vehicles and guns. You can play the game online with your friends.


In GTA 5, you can do almost everything that you can do in real life. You can buy all the properties in the game, you can steal a car, you can go to the gym and increase your body strength, you can go to the bar and drink, you can customize your outfits, you can upgrade your car to a monster car, you can buy a plane, you can go to the airport and take a plane, you can even buy a house and live there. Almost everything is possible in the GTA 5 game which makes it a complete game. You can customize your character in GTA 5. You can change your hair, eyes, skin color, clothes, tattoos, and much more.


GTA 5 graphics are very realistic and well-made. When playing it you don't feel like that you are playing a game. It has a huge map, lots of cars, and many guns. It is a great game for a PC or a phone. What do you think about GTA 5 graphics? Do you like them? Are they realistic? If you want to talk more about this game or you have questions, you can write in the comments.


GTA 5 replayability is very high, due to the great amount of content in the game. There are many tasks to do, many secrets to find, and many different ways to accomplish objectives and missions. In my opinion, replayability is the main reason of the success of the game, as this is what keeps players playing. This has also been a very important part of the GTA series since its beginning. The replayability of GTA 5 is high, but how high exactly? It's hard to tell, as there is no definite number of hours the average person spends on the game. The game is just great at keeping people playing it, as there are plenty of things to do, and it's all very entertaining. Also, once the main storyline is completed, the game is far from being finished, as there are many other things to do.


GTA 5 has many positive aspects, such as the open world, the many things you can do, the different ways to accomplish objectives, the great graphics, the replayability, the great soundtrack, the characters, the cars, the weapons, and many more. But, it has also some negative aspects, such as the loading times, the bugs, the glitches, the bad characters, and others. Overall, GTA 5 is an awesome game. All of its negative aspects are minor and don't affect the game much, and the positive aspects are what make the game so great. I recommend it to everyone. GTA 5 is a game that I will never forget.


  • Great graphics
  • Huge open world
  • Many interesting storylines
  • Nice soundtrack.


  • The main character is too bad
  • The game is too violent
  • Too many bugs.

Graphics and Sound 10

Controls 9

Gameplay 9

Lasting Appeal 9

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