Roku App Review: Access All Your Favorite Content Directly from the App, No Additional Hardware Required

Roku is a streaming app for Android developed and released by Roku Inc. The app offers a number of features, including streaming movies and TV shows, remote controlling Roku devices, voice searching for movies and casting content to your TV.

Design and navigation: Nowhere to Get Lost

The app is designed smartly and conveniently, allowing you to navigate between tabs and sections quickly. You can reach almost all the features though two or three swipes and taps, making it fast and easy. Main features, such as remote control or private listening, are designed nicely as well: the interface is intuitive and repeats the TV remote control and music player buttons. Roku app isn’t trying to invent something new in terms of design, though it copes with implementing existing solutions pretty well.

Features and usability: Watch & Control

Roku offers a line of streaming devices, and their Android app is a convenient way to remotely control them. The app turns your phone into a comfortable remote control so that you do not have to look for a separate physical device. It also allows you to stream music, photos, shows, and movies directly to your TV set. There is also an option to stream the Roku channel on the go. Despite its additional features, the app reveals its full potential when paired with a Roku device, so you should probably be looking for another app unless you own one.

Security: Ad Factory

Roku devices and software are pretty safe as they encrypt data and require users to create a strong password. The company does also manages appearing vulnerabilities pretty well and has not yet been part in data breach scandals. However, Roku is sharing information with advertisers to select targeted ads for you, and its ad business is outweighing the hardware and software ones.

Verdict: Good for Roku Owners

We must say that the Android app is an excellent addition to a Roku device, as it offers a number of additional features and makes using such a device more comfortable. As for other users, we would suggest looking for another streaming app, as many of them offer wider functionality.


  • Controlling Roku device with your phone is comfortable
  • Enables some additional features for your Roku device
  • Casting photos, videos, shows, and movies on your TV is a decent feature.


  • There are better alternatives for streaming, in case you do not own a Roku device
  • There is a small number of features for people who do not have a device.

Interface 8

Key Features 10

Usability 9

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