Unveiling the Magic: Top AI Art Apps for Your iPhone

An appreciation for art can span various mediums and forms. With the new era of artificial intelligence (AI), even individuals without a traditional artistic background can create extraordinary designs. This article shines a light on the paramount AI art apps available for iPhone users today. You will explore their significant features, how they function as AI art generators, and their unique selling points.

1. WOMBO Dream - The Digital Vanguard

The aptly named WOMBO Dream grants you an avenue for turning texts into visual forms such as anime, avatars, VFX, and street art, among others. Apart from transforming personal photos into digital artistry, it lets you save your work on your profile for public admiration. By wandering through the Discovery feed, you can interactively partake in the global AI design communion, follow adept designers, and draw inspiration whenever necessary. Needless to say, WOMBO Dream transports your visions and designs into stellar AI graphics.


2. Lensa AI - The Embodiment of Artistic Quality

Lensa AI capitalizes on AI capabilities to bolster your photos and videos to an elevated aesthetic. It breaches the conventional editing process with its advanced augmentation features like Smart Adjust and Auto Adjust, paving the way for one-touch editing and effective tuning. Additionally, Lensa AI's video editing prowess emphasizes the artistic reach of the app, allowing you to experiment, blur backgrounds, and modify separate editing panels. Its thrilling Magic Avatar feature gives you a venture to morph your photos into unique character figures.

Lensa AI logo

3. Wonder - Brushstroking Renowned Art Forms

Wonder integrates an array of art forms into an app that's essentially the Pinterest of AI art. It promises user-originality with its photo-to-art convertor and its exceptional range from baroque to an enigmatic dystopian synth-wave. Although limitations on nudity apply, the diversity compensates for it. It must be noted the final artwork cannot be modified, preserving the essence of the original creation. The end product can be easily shared on social media and your Wonder profile, promoting your artistry.

Wonder app

4. DeepArtEffects - Conjuring Detailed Artistry

DeepArtEffects applies automated machine learning to refine the simplest photos into awe-evoking artwork. Capitalizing on advanced AI technology, it generates hyper-realistic, detailed designs worthy of esteemed galleries. Free access to art effects and filters is yet another attraction, offering over 40 art styles for the discerning artist. DeepArtEffects proves to be an innovative solution for anyone yearning to transform their photos into convincing art pieces.

DeepArtEffects app

5. starryAI - The AI Art Architect

starryAI presents an innovative approach to furthering your artistic aspirations, functioning primarily based on user inputs. Its interface is clear-cut, and images fed into the AI serve as an inspiration for your piece. It also provides full ownership of the artwork, allowing you to use it for personal and commercial ventures. You can expect to wait for a few minutes for each artwork as the AI processes the desired design. starryAI does offer a subscription service for additional creations beyond the initial five free pieces.

starryAI app

In Final Words

Is creating sensational visuals for your upcoming project proving to be a daunting task? These AI art apps work as the perfect accomplice for those with or without artistic skills. These user-friendly tools can help you design professional visuals, from banners and logos to flyers, with ease. These intelligent apps not only stimulate creativity but also simplify the process of crafting striking visuals. Utilizing these apps will turn any ordinary project into an artistic endeavor.

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