Top Apps to Video Chat in 2020

Mobile video chat apps have become universal communication tools during global lockdown. They help families stay connected and keep spending time together despite the quarantine. App Store and Google Play are overflowing with options making it extremely difficult for an average user to choose. Fortunately, we know how to select the best of the best, and here they are.


Over the quarantine, Zoom group video chat app has become a market leader for many reasons. First of all, it’s available on all major platforms, and it lets you interconnect up to 100 live users for free. Secondly, it includes a robust feature set that can be utilized for both corporate needs and private conversations. The mobile app is simple enough for the majority of users. If you’re a company owner, you can use this app to get the highest possible video chat capacity and talk to up to 1000 people. It’s the best video chat app for large corporate conferences.


This free app for video chat is currently the oldest on the market, but it manages to remain one of the most widely used too. Skype offers one of the best feature sets for both business and private communication. It’s very easy to set up and call up to 50 users simultaneously. It also includes the best VoIP module that lets you make calls to landline and cell phones when they’re offline.


There are 2 main reasons to use Messenger by Facebook. First, it’s a part of the Facebook network and lets you make calls and write messages to any Facebook users independently from the devices they use. That’s over 2 billion people! In addition, it carries out some other Facebook features and lets you record and post stories, and create rooms for up to 50 users for free.


This superb application is the default for all Apple devices. It offers an extremely simple and intuitive interface, perfectly protected peer-to-peer streaming, and perhaps the best video and audio quality amongst all the existing services. We recommend you use it if all the people you communicate with have Apple devices.


Similarly to Messenger, WhatsApp is one of the best ways to reach out to people from all over the world. The service is concentrated on connecting smartphone users, but you can also call PC and Mac users who use the web version. It’s a simple app with great stream quality, but low chat capacity of up to 4 free users.

Google Duo

As usual, Google has a good free alternative to all the apps out there. It’s hard to call it the best of all, but it’s definitely a worthy one. You can use it to chat with up to 12 users independently from platforms they use. Unlike Facetime, Google doesn’t restrict the capability of its proprietary Android application.

Keep in Touch

Using at least one of these services, you can stay connected to your friends, family, and colleagues anywhere you go and during the lockdown. Moreover, the basic versions are totally free and versatile so that you can apply them for a variety of tasks. Can you recommend another worthy video chat app for Android and iOS? We can’t wait to see a comment from you! Stay tuned.

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