How to Install Fortnite on Your Smartphone

Fortnite has been available for iOS and Android since 2018. However, installing Fortnite is a bit different from the majority of other games. Fortunately, you can already install the Android version not only from the official website but from the Google Play Store as well. Read this instruction to figure out how to install Fortnite on Android and iOS without problems.

On Android

Google Play Store is a default application for all Android smartphones and tablets. To get Fortnite from this store, you have to launch the app, browse for Fortnite via the search bar, and tap Install. 

If you want to install the game via the proprietary Epic Games app, you have to get it from the official website of the developer first as it’s unavailable on Google Play. If you use Samsung, you can get it from the Galaxy Store as well, which is a bit faster. 

During the installation, you should skip the warning claiming that Epic Games is a potentially harmful app. Your browser may also claim that you cannot install apps from this source. You have to go to the settings menu to enable downloading from and proceed.

When the Epic Games app is installed, launch it and choose Fortnite from the list to download it. There are only two games on the app, so you won’t miss it. Tap on the Install button to start downloading the game.

On iOS

Cannot install Fortnite iOS version? Well, it probably means that your iPhone or iPad doesn’t support it. iPhone 5S, 6/6 Plus, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, 3, iPod Touch 6, and older devices don’t support the game. Besides, your device has to be updated to iOS 13.2 or any newer version to run it.

The installation process of Fortnite on iOS is almost fully automated. You have to find the game via the App Store search and tap the Install button to start the downloading. The launcher downloading takes around 5 minutes as it is slightly over 300MB. When the launcher is installed, open it and wait around 10-20 minutes until the rest of the files are downloaded. When the downloading is finished, you can start playing. Enjoy!

How long does it take to install Fortnite?

Both iOS and Android versions of the game take slightly over 1.5GB, but the actual installation time is always different. It depends not only on your Internet speed and hardware but also on the source where you get the game. The minimal downloading duration is 20 minutes, but some users report that it may drag on for 60 minutes and sometimes even more. This may depend on how far you are from the game’s servers at the moment.

Best Battle Royale

Although the installation process may seem a bit cumbersome, the quality of the game is so good that all the effort of installing the game is totally worth it! To get the most from the game, we recommend you get a Bluetooth controller and adjust optimal settings to achieve the highest FPS. Have you already played this game on a computer or console? How do you like it? Join the conversation in the comments and feel free to ask questions if something is unclear about the installation process.

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