Get Ready for the Next Best Thing – Check Out These Amazing Alternatives to Anno 1800!

Ah, Anno 1800. What a fantastic game! For those who have yet to experience it, you certainly need to give it a try. It’s a real-time city-building simulator that lets you build and manage your own cities from the ground up. You can customize everything from designing buildings and roads to managing resources, all in an effort to grow your settlement into a bustling metropolis. But I digress. If you’re looking for something similar with just as much depth, then look no further – here are some of the best games, like Anno 1800, worth checking out!


Banished is probably the closest game to Anno 1800 on this list. This survival strategy game puts you at the helm of a newly founded village tasked with managing resources and keeping its inhabitants alive through harsh winters and unpredictable catastrophes. As far as graphics go, it's not quite up there with Anno 1800, but it makes up for it in challenging gameplay that will have you scratching your head for hours on end. Plus, there's plenty of room for creativity as you strive to make your settlement thrive. It may not be as flashy or intricate as its peers, but Banished is definitely worth checking out if you're into resource management titles.

Banished game

Tropico 6

Second, on our list is Tropico 6. Developed by Limbic Entertainment, this tropical paradise builder takes place on a group of islands in which players must manage their resources wisely in order to keep their population happy and prosperous. You'll be tasked with constructing both residential and commercial buildings along with monuments dedicated to yourself or other characters within the game world – all while ensuring that your citizens have access to education, healthcare, jobs, etc. With an incredibly expansive open world map filled with unique challenges at every turn, plus plenty of replayability options thrown into the mix, Tropico 6 is absolutely one not to be missed when searching for games like Anno 1800!

Surviving Mars

Next, we have Surviving Mars by Haemimont Games Inc., which puts players in control of establishing their own colony on Mars – yes, really! From gathering resources such as water and energy sources as well as creating housing modules for settlers, there's never a dull moment here when trying your hand at survival strategies against alien creatures or even harsh weather conditions. Not only that but given that each playthrough offers different objectives each time (such as rescuing stranded astronauts or fulfilling certain research requirements), there's plenty of replay value packed within this stellar title too!

As one might expect from such a title, Surviving Mars features some really impressive visuals that bring Martian landscapes vividly alive, giving players an immersive experience unlike any other city-building game out there! Even if sci-fi isn't necessarily your thing, this captivating title might still be worth a try just because it offers such unique gameplay elements compared to others in the genre. So if you're ready for another interplanetary adventure, then Surviving Mars should be high up on your list when considering games similar to Anno 1800.

Surviving Mars game


Moving on, we encounter Planetbase, developed by Madruga Works BV. The game involves the creation of human colonies on various planets in space, powered solely by solar energy and limited resources available through asteroid mining and trading between various factions located in nearby star systems. It sounds daunting, but trust me, playing through this game will make any fan feel like they're in a sci-fi movie, engaging in epic battles alongside rival colonists looking to take over these planets first! Although Planetbase is more story-oriented than other games presented so far, it brings a huge amount of strategic elements that fans have come to expect from any good City Builder, making it another fantastic option for those looking for alternatives comparable to those offered by Anno1800!


If playing god was ever too easy, then Frostpunk is here to spice things up! Set during an alternate Victorian era where humanity has been forced underground due to extreme weather conditions caused by global cooling, this enthralling steampunk society simulator tasks players with making difficult decisions in order to balance moral dilemmas with practicality when faced with hard choices about resources allocation or labor laws implementation. From maintaining public services, including healthcare and education facilities, to providing citizens with adequate nutrition, you're never short of responsibilities (or potential ethical conflicts). And despite being far less visually appealing than Anno 1800, Frostpunk more than compensates with intense narrative moments that are sure to keep gamers hooked till the very end.

Frostpunk game

Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines takes the best of SimCity and multiplies it many times over. The result is one of the most famous city-building simulators to date! With realistic yet colorful environments, with customizable buildings/terrain options along with advanced AI algorithms that allow the development of realistic infrastructure systems such as efficient traffic flow, etc., Skylines gives users unprecedented control over the virtual cities they create from scratch! What's more, countless mods allow gamers to further enhance their gaming sessions, adding a limitless replayability factor to why seasoned veterans continue to enjoy the game even after its initial release in 2015!

Caesar IV

If Ancient Rome tickles the imagination, then Caesar IV is probably perfect for it! Developed by Sierra Entertainment in 2006, this classic installment of the franchise takes us back to the classic centuries, where the player takes on the role of a tribune tasked with rebuilding the once proud Roman Empire, using the wealth created by the taxes collected from the population, along with building strategically placed military defense monuments to defend against invading hostile enemies! Despite outdated graphics and mechanics, Caesar remains remarkably enjoyable thanks to an engaging story, a balanced economic system that rewards smart investments in population growth, and campaigns throughout the campaign course. The game time should take the average gamer at least 15 hours before the credits roll.

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