7 Perfect Apps for Perfect Dates

Finding a soul mate is a tricky task. Luckily, there are plenty of mobile apps to help you get a partner for the night or life. But how to choose the best service from such an assortment? We have you covered! Check out these seven great apps that will save you from loneliness.

1. OkCupid

This service searches for a soul mate based on your answers to questions about life, feelings, and relationships. The goal is to get you someone who looks at the world the same way you do. It doesn’t have to be your partner for life, a casual fling with no strings attached or a strong friendship is also possible. The app supports 12 genders and over 20 sexual orientations. Since it’s free, you may stumble upon fake accounts. With the paid version, you have more options to meet your soulmate.

2. Clover

Unlike some other services, Clover positions itself as a product for everyone who is lonely. Through it, you can find both a partner and a friend. Instead of the usual swipes and likes, attention is paid to chats, live streams, and events. That is, the focus is primarily on the social component rather than on the romantic one. Since Clover is not as popular as its counterparts, the number of users is somewhat less. If you want to find your soul mate for sure, it’s better to use it in combination with other services.

3. eHarmony

The eHarmony developers sought to create a service to help singles find true love. The search for a partner is based on your Compatibility Quiz results. After answering questions, your profile is compiled with your characteristic features and details. You can review the information to know what to look for in other users. Member profiles are much more detailed than what you’ll find on other similar apps.

4. Coffee Meets Bagels

This application asks users to provide important information about themselves. After that, every day, you get a selection of profiles that may suit you. The more you use this service, the more it knows and understands you, and its suggestions are more accurate. You have one day to like a person, and a week to arrange a date. If the dialogue drags on, you may miss your opportunity.

5. Bumble

Bumble expands on the basic dating app tools and offers two additional relationship levels: friendship and business. Your feed is filled with profiles depending on your characteristics and filter settings. After mutual likes, you can start a closer acquaintance with the person you are interested in. You have 24 hours to do it, and only a female user can write first. The other two modes allow you to find a partner for tomorrow’s concert or listeners for a business seminar.

6. Hinge

Hinge is another service whose main goal is to help you find true love, not a one-night thing. Before you start, you need to fill out a very detailed questionnaire with columns about religion, education, politics, vision for the future, and much more. It helps eliminate really inappropriate options. By liking a profile, you can comment on a specific part or sentence. This is how the dialogue starts.

7. Tinder

A list of dating apps would be incomplete without Tinder. It provides the most simple and accessible to many ways of interaction: swipes and likes. Although there may be frivolous people, spammers, and odd users here, this service has one of the main advantages. It has the largest member base compared to other apps. It means the probability of finding a partner is much higher here.

As you can see, dating apps have various focuses. Therefore, before searching for a suitable service, decide what exactly you want. How do you feel about these kinds of applications? Have you ever used them? Which one did you like the most?

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