YouTube Music Incorporates Comment Section in Now Playing Tab

The latest redesign of the Now Playing page on YouTube Music is now available on iOS and Android devices. This new design introduces a social feature allowing users to read and post comments directly on the playback page, a feature previously only available on playlists.

According to 9to5 Google, some existing comments on the page appear to be years old, implying that Google may be populating this section with comments taken from related YouTube videos.

The redesign is being rolled out gradually, bringing with it other changes like larger cover art and song titles and artist names situated towards the left of the screen. Also added is a carousel of buttons for options like commenting, liking or disliking tracks, saving songs to playlists, sharing, downloading, and radio access. These buttons bear a striking resemblance to those found beneath a YouTube video player and make accessing these controls easier as they are located at the bottom of the screen. Most of these options previously required an additional click to access.

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