X Broadens Ad Revenue Share Program for Eligible Creators Worldwide

X, the digital platform, has made a game-changing announcement. It has expanded its creator ad revenue-sharing program across the globe. This new development will empower users with high engagement in the application to earn income from their X posts based on the number of ads viewed in the responses. The revenue-sharing program, already credited for earning some creators substantial early payments, is now open to all qualifying users.

The eligibility criteria for the program, however, pose a challenging hurdle. The current stipulations demand creators be affiliated with Blue or Verified Organizations, boast at least 15 million impressions on their aggregate posts over the past three months, and have a following of a minimum of 500. In a recent revision, the X team adjusted the criteria—earlier, creators had to maintain a minimum of 5 million post impressions every month for three months straight. This updated criterion allows creators with fluctuating engagement to remain eligible.

Some interesting modifications are in the pipeline. The term ‘tweet’ is being phased out as Elon and his team progress towards executing X, aiming to phase out Twitter. Creators also need a Stripe account, as X only facilitates payments via Stripe at present. Creators also must accrue a minimum of $50 in cumulative ad revenue share payment before payouts are processed.

Despite these requirements, if creators can adhere to X's rules and guidelines, they now have the chance to monetize their posts. However, it isn't easy. Accumulating 15 million impressions over three months demands regular and prolific posting. As ad-based revenue is tied to ads within post replies (and these are isolated to verified users), expect to see a surge in thought-provoking content.

Studies indicate strong emotions often prompt responses to online posts. Therefore, creators aiming for maximum exposure will call on popular and contentious topics that incite such responses, inadvertently driving the user to share content of a similar nature. While it will take time to see how this influences the overall tone of the app, it's clear X's decision will have a broad and far-reaching impact.

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