Wild Hearts April 13th Patch Introduces Balance Changes and Fixes for Claw Blade

Wild Hearts, the hunting game developed by EA in collaboration with Omega Force, has received a new patch, introducing balance tweaks and bug fixes. The primary focus of this update is to rebalance the powerful Claw Blade weapon.

The April 13th patch introduces changes to the claw gauge, such as no longer decreasing when performing Wingblade Spin Slash and reduced gauge consumption of Wingblade Crescent Slash when the claw is lodged in a Kemono. Additionally, invincibility frames have been added at the start of this move when the claw is lodged in a Kemono. Other bug fixes included in this update address issues with miscellaneous sound effects not playing properly and an issue where players were unable to use items on certain occasions due to their controllers being disconnected from the game during playtime.

Other improvements include adjustments made to character movements, animations, and weapon properties, which will help players master their combat techniques faster than ever before. For example, there are now additional attack combos available for all characters that can be used while wielding different weapons, including swords, knives, and spears, as well as other special attacks like launching enemy projectiles back at them or using guard breakers against shielded enemies. Moreover, all characters' skill trees have been updated so that they can gain new skills more quickly by investing points into specific branches within each tree.

Finally, several UI updates have been implemented for both PC and console versions of Wild Hearts, including an improved loot box system which makes it easier for players to find out what rewards they can get from various chests scattered around levels, as well as notifications about important events, displayed on-screen allowing users stay up-to-date without having to leave their game session early just to check social media feeds or emails manually every few minutes.


With these changes applied through its latest patch on April 13th, Wild Hearts offers an even more balanced experience while providing tools necessary for mastering its combat mechanics more quickly than before, thanks to improved UI elements integrated into both versions of the game.

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