Warzone 2 Ranked Play Introduces Level Requirements for a Cheater-Free Experience

Call of Duty's Warzone 2 is finally introducing a ranked play mode with its big Season 3 Reloaded update to give players a new competitive edge. However, with this exciting addition comes a level requirement to curb the presence of cheaters and ensure a fair and exhilarating competitive arena for seasoned players.

Although Modern Warfare 2 has incorporated ranked play for quite some time, Warzone 2's ranked play mode comes with its own unique twist – a level requirement. Players need to be Level 45 or above before they can access the ranked games, which is substantially higher than MW2's Level 16 requirement. This decision is aimed at minimizing cheating and providing a more enjoyable and balanced gaming experience for all.

Call of Duty's anticheat team, Team RICOCHET, has taken necessary steps to keep villains at bay in the ranked play mode. These measures include server-side cheat detection systems, improved backend tools for investigation, updated third-party hardware device detections, and enforced password resets on suspicious accounts. These efforts aim to catch and ban cheaters before they reach Level 45 and can disrupt ranked matches.

To achieve Level 45 in Warzone 2, players typically need around 20 hours of playtime. This extended period is designed to give the anticheat system ample time to identify and ban hackers before they can infiltrate ranked matches. However, some players have raised concerns about cheaters reaching the required level faster due to their illegitimate advantages. Despite these concerns, the level requirement remains a step in the right direction to secure a fair gaming environment.

In conclusion, the introduction of the ranked play mode and Level 45 requirement in Warzone 2's Season 3 Reloaded update is a much-awaited feature for competitive players. While concerns about cheaters persist, the level requirement, combined with the anticheat measures, is a promising attempt at minimizing foul play and ensuring a balanced and thrilling gaming experience. Players are eager to dive into the updated Warzone 2 and put their skills to the test in the ranked play mode.

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