TikTok Partners with Dentsu to Track User Engagement

TikTok, the popular short-form video app, is looking to help marketers continue to track engagement data with the help of a new partnership. The partnership with Dentsu, a digital marketing company, will provide alternative web tracking via Dentsu’s ‘Digital X’ process and enable advertisers to track user data via the TikTok Events API. 

The new process will be integrated into X-Stack, a server-side measurement platform that helps advertisers measure online behaviors on websites using server access logs with user consent. 

This means that marketers can create profiles around user actions such as website visits, logins, and form entry information. Dentsu’s X-Stack Connect will also provide detailed insights into the performance of campaigns, allowing marketers to gain a better understanding of user behavior and engagement.

Furthermore, the new solution will provide a more secure and privacy-centric way of tracking user data, as it does not rely on cookie tracking. This will be beneficial for both users and marketers as it ensures that user data is collected securely and with consent. 

Overall, the new partnership between TikTok and Dentsu is sure to benefit marketers by providing an alternative way of tracking user engagement. With the new solution, marketers will have access to more detailed insights into the performance of their campaigns without having to rely on cookie tracking. 

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