TikTok Employs 'Heating' Feature to Boost Views for Creators

TikTok has recently come under scrutiny for its “Heating” button, which can be used to give certain videos a boost in views and help promote emerging creators. Forbes recently reported on the feature, which has been confirmed by TikTok. In this article, we look at how the feature works and what it means for the platform and its users.

The TikTok “Heating” button is used to put selected videos onto users’ For You pages, bypassing the algorithm that usually drives the TikTok experience. According to Jamie Favazza, a spokesperson for TikTok, the feature is used to not only increase views for particular videos, but also to “promote some videos to help diversify the content experience.” However, the internal document obtained by Forbes suggests that heated videos make up around 1-2 percent of total daily video views, which is higher than the .002 percent reported by Favazza. 

The feature has been controversial because it gives certain videos an advantage over others, especially those from emerging creators. Critics argue that it is difficult for smaller creators to gain traction on the platform without the help of features like “Heating”. On the other hand, TikTok’s team has highlighted the importance of the feature in helping promote new and diverse content.

The “Heating” button is a contentious feature on the platform, with its usefulness and fairness being questioned by users. While it is useful in giving creators a much-needed boost, it can also be seen as giving some creators an unfair advantage over others. It remains to be seen how the feature will be used in the future and whether it will be regulated to ensure fairness. 

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