Telegram Brings Power Saving Mode and More to MacBooks with Latest Update on macOS

Telegram, the popular messaging app, has rolled out a significant update for macOS this week. The new version, 9.4.1, brings many features, bug fixes, and other improvements to enhance the user experience on MacBooks. One of the most important features is the power saving mode which automatically activates based on battery percentage. It also includes an auto-play switch for videos, GIFs, stickers, and more.

With this update from Telegram, MacBook users can now enjoy better power management while using their devices as it comes with a power-saving mode that automatically activates depending upon your device’s remaining battery charge in low-charge conditions. This will help reduce the energy consumption of apps like Telegram even when your laptop is running low on juice without needing any manual intervention from users to turn it off or reduce its usage manually each time you run low on battery life to conserving energy resources. Furthermore, an auto-play switch has been added so users can control what types of content they want to view or not, such as videos, GIFS stickers, etc. As per Telegram, all these options can be individually adjusted according to user preferences, so one doesn't have to sit through unwanted audio/visual content if they don't want. Apart from these two significant changes, there have also been some bug fixes applied, as well as various performance enhancements made available in this latest update.

Another important feature introduced by Telegram is individual autoplay settings which will let users choose what kind of content should be played automatically when someone scrolls through their chat pages, such as images, GIFs, videos, animated emojis, and others. This way, they won’t be bombarded with unnecessary media files while scrolling around different chats in their message window, thereby helping them save data and time spent waiting for those files to load up, along with reducing overall resource usage due to excess playback activities happening simultaneously within their chat list page.


The new version 9.4.1 released by Telegram brings several new features along with bug fixes & other performance improvements, making it worth downloading from App Store, explicitly targeting MacBook owners out there who rely heavily upon the messenger application throughout the day & night. So if you own a Macbook, upgrade your Telegram app immediately to benefit from all these extra additions before anyone else!

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