Spotify Works on Vertical Audio Newsfeed Feature

Spotify is testing a new podcast discovery feature. It looks weirdly similar to TikTok’s service. According to recent reports, Spotify is trying its best to implement the Podz produced technology in life.

The company is checking out the newsfeed option that will help users to discover the podcasts easily. There will be an advanced interface that contains similar to TikTok vertical feed with 1-minute clips from the podcasts that are recommended. Developers are using Podz technology, which is a startup company. The technology was bought last year by Spotify. The feature is available to the beta testers. Yet, it is not officially released for a wider audience. The beta testers can now check out the button named “Podcasts” in the app to receive access to the news feed.

The new technology created by Podz is an advanced one. It uses the machine learning model, tested on 100 000 hours of numerous audios, and can automatically select the best recommendations for the podcasts to the users. The company was bought by Spotify back in June 2021. Now Podz provided its first feature for the audio streaming service.

Chris Messina, the designer of the product has revealed the first video of the newsfeed during the test. He shared the clip via Twitter. The news feed contains a wide range of clips from the recommended podcasts based on users’ preferences. Each audio has cover art that is associated with different podcasts. The podcasts are carefully picked by the AI. If users want to listen to the podcast they can simply press Play. If you want to continue listening you can enter the podcast’s page or save it to the list of Your Episodes.

Do you want to check out the new feature? Do you have your favorite podcasts on Spotify? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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