Setting New Benchmarks: The Elder Scrolls VI as an Unprecedented Fantasy World Simulator

The Elder Scrolls VI, which was unveiled back in 2018, remains a mystery to fans due to the lack of updates about its development. The long-awaited next installment of the beloved franchise may still be quite a few years away, primarily because the full resources of Bethesda are currently devoted to Starfield.

In a recent interview with GQ, Todd Howard, a senior figure at Bethesda, reflected on the timing of the announcement for The Elder Scrolls VI. He contemplated, "I frequently ask myself that question." I'm not sure. Perhaps I should have announced it in a more laid-back manner."

Howard was then asked about his aspirations for The Elder Scrolls VI, to which he responded with a lofty vision: "It's a tricky question to answer without revealing too much, but to put it simply, we want to make it into the ultimate fantasy-world simulator. There are various methods to achieve that, given the amount of time that has slipped by."

As we eagerly anticipate this "ultimate fantasy-world simulator," Starfield is set for its cosmic journey beginning on September 6. We are hopeful that it will provide an immersive experience until we can once again return to the world of Elder Scrolls.

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