Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake Preserves Original Voice Cast with Modern Enhancements

Metal Gear Solid 3's remake retains the original cast but reconstructs some old 2004 clips for new voice lines. The iconic Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is getting a stylish facelift with the anticipated release of Metal Gear Solid Delta this year. This revamp not only retains the complete original voice cast but enriches the narrative with never-before-heard lines from previously unreleased clips.

During the most recent Metal Gear - Production Hotline episode, producer Noriaki Okamura confirmed that for both Japanese and Engine, the story of the game and all the voice acting will be the same, and the team at Konami definitely didn't do any recasting.

The only minor changes come from when characters give you advice on how to play, especially the controls, which is a semi-frequent occurrence in the stealth series. The Konami developers encountered a slight wrinkle, though, since the remake includes a new control scheme, Legacy controls and color filters, and will be available on other non-PS2 consoles.

Okamura continued that some of those lines don't match up with the controls on consoles now, and you can't really have that, so we've recorded new versions of just those lines. Sadly, some of the original cast is no longer with us or couldn't be available to record, so in those cases, we've made sure that we have permission first, then went through and used their existing recordings to assemble the new lines.

Anything to do with the story won't change, but there will be a few differences just to teach players the right controls, host Tsukika Momoyama reiterated.

Elsewhere in the episode, we learned that series creator Hideo Kojima and the original staff will be credited in the new version, while one current producer says he'd like nothing better than for the famed director to return to the series.

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