Mario Red & Blue Edition–Nintendo Switch Set to Debut Next Month

Nintendo has just unveiled the newest special edition of the Switch, the Mario Red Edition, a nod to one of their most iconic video game characters. The console, dock and Joy-Con controllers will all come in the distinctive red color associated with Mario. Adding a special touch, a small silhouette of Mario can be found on the dock's back, with some hidden gold coins within the console for additional flare.

This new appearance is exclusively for the OLED model, Nintendo's flagship version of the Switch, as expected. Nintendo has frequently released custom consoles as a promotional method for upcoming game releases, so, with the Super Mario Bros. Wonder set to be officially released in October, this Mario Red Edition appears to be another such promotional strategy. 

Step into the game-verse with the Nintendo Switch - OLED Model: Mario Red Edition system! Embrace the iconic Mario Red color on the console, dock, and Joy-Con controllers, adorned with a silhouette of Mario on the dock's back.

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