Google Introduces Multisearch, Lens, AR, Maps, and a Large Number of Advanced Search Features

Google has been the world’s most popular search engine for more than a decade, handling billions of search queries every day. 

The company is constantly tweaking and updating its search algorithms to provide users with the best possible results. 

 lately, Google has been rolling out several new and expanded search features that make finding information easier than ever before. 

Here’s a look at some of the new search features that Google has rolled out in recent months:


Google’s new multi-search feature allows users to simultaneously search for multiple terms. 

For example, if you wanted to find information about the new iPhone and the new Samsung Galaxy, you could simply enter “iPhone AND Galaxy” into the Google search bar. 

This would return results that include both terms. 

Google Lens

New Google Lens is a new visual search tool that uses your smartphone’s camera to identify objects and provide information about them. 

For example, if you pointed your camera at a flower, Google Lens would tell you what kind of flower it is. 

You can also use Google Lens to scan barcodes and QR codes, and it can even be used to translate text. 

Google Maps

Better Google Maps is one of the most popular and widely used mapping tools on the web. 

The service was recently updated with a new “commute” feature that can help you plan your route to work or school. 

The feature takes into account traffic conditions and can provide you with real-time updates on the best route to take. 

Google also recently added a new “AR” (augmented reality) feature to Google Maps that can be used to view 3D images of landmarks and buildings. 

To use the AR feature, simply point your phone’s camera at a landmark or building and a 3D image will appear on your screen. 

You can then walk around and view the landmark or building from different angles. 

These are just a few of the new and expanded search features that Google has rolled out in recent months. 

With so many new and powerful search tools at your disposal, there’s no excuse for not being able to find the information you need.

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