God of War Ragnarök Served as a Good Impetus for Fantastically Beautiful Cosplays

Group cosplay based on the game God of War Ragnarok brought characters such as a Light Elf warrior, Sindri, Brok, and Kratos together for a legendary photo shoot. The latest sequel has expanded an already rather big universe with a range of colorful characters, giving fans a huge number of choices when selecting who they want to transform into.

One of the groups of cosplayers stood out among many for its vivid authenticity with the original characters. Among them, skathi_cos, a Twitter user and cosplayer, looked exactly like Light Elf, MaryeLeFay expertly rendered the costume and makeup for God of War Sindri, as well as dishycrafts in his authentically blue Brok role. The already flamboyant group was subsequently replenished with actor Olivier Richters, who presented in the image of Kratos with his impressive size and swirling tattoos, which leave no doubt that you are seeing the Ghost of Sparta. This cosplay meeting was organized by Santa Monica Studios in Belgium's Antwerpen-Centraal railway station.

God of War Ragnarok is an endless scope for inspiration for various fan cosplays. After all, even the same faction in different parts looks completely different, and thanks to the embodiment of cosplays by different people, viewers can enjoy the history of the development of the game. The last group cosplay brought together a lot of bright characters under one roof and gave one more reason to properly celebrate the recent release of God of War Ragnarok.

Do you like looking at professional cosplays based on your favorite games? Do you have a character you would like to see cosplayed or cosplayed yourself? Please share your thoughts below.


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