Early Details of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Unveiled

A new generation of Dragon Age is on the way, and we have some not-so-new yet interesting information about it. Recently, Tom Henderson and Reddit user revanchisto have both released some details about the upcoming Dragon Age: Dreadwolf game. Insider-Gaming has even confirmed the authenticity of their reports and all the presented materials. While no official details have been released yet, it is still exciting to look at what has been revealed so far.

According to Henderson and revanchisto, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is not going to be a tactical RPG game like its predecessors but rather an action game with a combat system more similar to God of War than to Final Fantasy XV. It is also possible that the game will not allow us to control other members of our party - however, this hasn't been confirmed yet. 

The leaked footage was apparently recorded in the Grey Wardens’ headquarters – the Weisshaupt fortress – in the Kingdom of Anderfels. The fortress was attacked by dark monsters with red eyes, apparently coming into contact with the red lyrium found there. The animations of the game have been described as massively improved from those of previous installments in the series. 

What is particularly interesting is that the leaked screenshots of the main character's menu showed the phrase "Gray Warden", indicating that in this game, we will be playing the role of one. This will bring us back to the roots of Dragon Age: Origins and its beloved main protagonist.

In conclusion, so far, we have not seen any official footage of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf and its release date is still a mystery. However, judging by the leaks and reports, we can assume that the game will be exciting and bring us some interesting new features. It looks like we will have to wait a few more months to see what the final product looks and feels like.

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