Crown Wars: The Black Prince has been delayed to May

For those eagerly anticipating the start of their adventure in the rich world of Crown Wars: The Black Prince, there's an unfortunate update. The game's release has been postponed considerably, shifting from its original launch date of March 14 to a new date of May 23. This schedule adjustment affects the game's availability on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S platforms. However, the version for the Nintendo Switch is slated to release later, with the exact date yet to be determined.

The decision to delay the launch was made to provide additional time for the development team to refine several key aspects of the game and implement enhancements based on player feedback. This is to ensure that the final product delivers an exceptional gameplay experience, particularly for enthusiasts of turn-based tactics and strategy genres.

To appease fans and keep their interest piqued, the trailer was released alongside the announcement. This trailer offers an in-depth look at the central hub area where players will organize and strategize between their missions, further building anticipation for the game's eventual release.

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