Braving the Storm: The Challenging Production of "Twisters" Amid Tornado Season

The production of the new action-packed meteorological disaster film Twisters was frequently halted due to inclement weather conditions. The decision to shoot Twisters during the peak of tornado season in Oklahoma was as challenging as one might anticipate.

Director Lee Isaac Chung shared with Total Film, appearing in the upcoming Thursday, May 23 issue, which also highlights Twisters on its cover, "Actually making this movie proved incredibly difficult, as we chose to go into Oklahoma right amid tornado season. The weather was a constant obstacle, causing numerous delays due to lightning. We faced several interruptions because of strong gusts of wind. I found myself repeatedly muttering under my breath in front of the crew, joking about how I insisted on filming in Oklahoma amidst tornado season. This choice, aimed at bringing realism to our film, often backfired. Seeing the completed footage now, I am convinced it was worth every bit of the struggle."

Twisters, a fresh installment following the revered 1996 film Twister, follows scientists Kate (played by Daisy Edgar-Jones) and Javi (Anthony Ramos) as they join efforts with rock ‘n’ roll tornado hunter Tyler Owens (Glen Powell) to navigate a series of lethal meteorological phenomena over Central Oklahoma.

Glen Powell infused the role with his personal experiences of tornadoes, though the real-time weather conditions during filming were beyond anyone's expectations. Twisters is slated for a July 19 release. Details on this and much more can be found in the forthcoming issue of Total Film, available on shelves and digital platforms starting Thursday, May 23.

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