A New Wave Of Attention To Data Security Has Arisen After The Hacking Of Tiktok's Servers

The problem of data security is more relevant than ever in the modern world, where most of the work and leisure time is thanks to the Internet. And first of all, this applies to those applications where the most users are concentrated, since they are the most tasty target for hackers. TikTok is an extremely popular app with over a billion users. Recently, increased attention has been riveted to it due to information about the possible vulnerability of account data in it.

Recently, a number of cybersecurity analysts have expressed serious concern about the security of user account data on TikTok's servers. Representatives of TikTok almost immediately reacted to this, completely refuting these allegations. Meanwhile, in addition to the opinion of analysts, such a large corporation as Microsoft spoke in favor of the version of the unreliability of protection, which pointed to a serious vulnerability of user data on Android. According to them, you can hack an account in just one click.

The situation began to develop last Monday when a number of cybersecurity analysts spoke out on Twitter regarding the breach they had discovered in the security system of TikTok's servers. Representatives of TikTok, given the seriousness of the allegations, reacted quietly, mentioning that the code referred to is not a backend, so the problem is not relevant.

However, the opinions of serious persons such as Troy Hunt, who is a well-known Australian Internet security specialist, as well as representatives of Microsoft, cannot be completely neglected either. Therefore, TikTok users should be careful.

Is there really a problem with the security of TikTok users' data? Are you concerned about the protection of your data when you use this or that application? Please share your opinion below.


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