Your Ultimate Guide to Racking up Zenny in Monster Hunter Now!

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to accumulate Zenny effectively in the enthralling world of Monster Hunter Now! With enough Zenny, your warrior can craft and upgrade weapons and armor to conquer even the most fearsome of creatures! This guide will help you master the art of earning Zenny and skyrocket your gaming experience.

Apprehend the Importance of Zenny

Apprehend the Importance of Zenny

Before setting out to collect Zenny, it's important to understand what it is and its significance. Zenny is the central currency in Monster Hunter Now, utilized to upgrade and craft new weapons and armor. However, the currency cannot use Zenny for purchasing potions, an element that sets it apart from other Monster Hunter games.

Hunting Large Monsters: Your Key to Zenny

The most straightforward method to earn Zenny involves hunting large, formidable monsters. The Zenny that comes your way largely depends on the star level of the hunted monster. Generally, the Zenny awarded equals 10 times the monster's star rank. However, this ratio changes once you encounter monsters 6* and beyond.

Here's what you can expect to earn from monsters of varying star levels:

Monster Star Level Zenny Reward Hunter Rank Points Reward
1 Star 10 Zenny 10 HRP
2 Star 20 Zenny 20 HRP
3 Star 30 Zenny 40 HRP
4 Star 40 Zenny 60 HRP
5 Star 50 Zenny 80 HRP
6 Star 100 Zenny 100 HRP

The Value of Daily Quests

The Value of Daily Quests

Once you hit HR 11, the option of taking up Daily Quests unlocks. These are three random challenges offered daily, which, besides offering beneficial material rewards, also bless you with a hefty 1000 Zenny each. This means you could earn up to 3000 Zenny each day if all three tasks are accomplished. Your time, therefore, is the currency in Monster Hunter Now.

Purchasing Zenny and Utilizing Redemption Codes

You also have the option of acquiring Zenny using Gems from the in-game store. However, the exchange rate of real money to Zenny might seem like it could be more appealing. Monster Hunter Now also offers redemption codes, granting you Zenny upon their usage. It's important to remember that these codes can only be used once and are available for a limited duration.

With this detailed guide, you're now well-prepared to dive into Monster Hunter Now and tackle those fearsome beasts, all while raking in heaps of Zenny. Happy gaming!

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