The Ultimate Guide to Creating the Perfect Overwatch 2 Characters Tier List

Are you an avid Overwatch 2 gamer looking for tips on creating the perfect characters tier list? Then this guide is just what you need! With these simple steps, you'll be able to make a personalized tier list that is sure to put your opponent's skills to shame. So buckle up, grab some snacks, and let's get started on crafting the ultimate characters tier list.

Step 1: Pick Your Format

Before getting into any specifics of who should go onto your characters tier list, it’s important to decide what kind of format you want for the list itself. Do you want a simple letter ranking system (S through D), or would more detailed tiers (A+, A-, B+, etc.) work better? It may seem like a small detail, but deciding on which format works best for you can help make building your character roster much easier later down the line.

Step 2: Decide Which Character Roles You Need

Once have chosen which format will structure your character roster, it’s time to figure out exactly which roles each character should play within that framework. This means deciding which heroes are needed in order for your team composition to be successful and assigning them to their respective tiers accordingly. For example, if there are two Tank heroes needed then they should both probably fall under “S-tier” since they fill such an integral role on any competitive squad. On top of this, though, consider what other types of roles might benefit from being included, too; do all four DPS slots need filling, or could two Support spots also do with some attention? Figuring out these kinds of questions early on can ensure that no one type of hero gets neglected when forming teams later, in the next phase.

Determine which character roles you need

Step 3: Fill In Your Tiers Accordingly

Once all necessary roles have been determined and assigned their respective tiers, it's time to start actually populating those ranks with actual characters from Overwatch 2's vast cast of heroes - and here's where things get fun! Be sure not only to take into account power levels when picking who makes it onto each level but also game knowledge; does someone understand how Zarya works enough for them to play her effectively at high levels? Are there certain map nuances Symmetra excels at taking advantage of despite otherwise sitting low on paper rankings? These are just some examples but try to use as much information as possible when making decisions; after all, understanding why something is powerful can oftentimes trump raw strength alone - and that applies doubly so when trying put together a winning roster!

Step 4: Make Adjustments As Necessary

Finally, once everything has been set up, its time to look over everything again one last time before finally committing anything concretely; double-check every character selection made previously in light of current meta shifts if applicable and reevaluate whether someone else would benefit more from replacing them instead - even if just temporarily until said change proves ineffective or unnecessary anymore afterward. Tweaking small details like this throughout individual season cycles helps keep rosters fresh while still maximizing overall performance capabilities without having to resort to drastic measures such as changes in midseason metagames demand, however difficult they may prove ultimately managed successfully regardless.

Overwatch 2 game

Step 5: Evaluate Your Team Before You Play

Now that we've gone over what kinds of characters fit into which tiers, it's important to evaluate yourself before jumping into battle so that you can plan accordingly based on who exactly is available at any given moment within your group composition (which could mean switching out one hero for another depending on circumstances). Knowing which kind of plays work best vs. certain opponents/maps/strategies (for example, using Pharah if there's lots of open terrain) will give y'all an edge over others simply through familiarity alone, so don't forget about evaluating yourselves regularly during practice sessions – after all practice makes perfect!.

Creating an effective characters tier list isn't something anyone takes lightly, especially ones designed around an upcoming title like OverWatch2 – yet following the steps outlined above allows everyone to build a solid foundation upon which players base further choices based upon their own preferences, resulting potentially great roster capable competing highest levels imaginable!

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