Make Money on Vacation with Airbnb

Vacation travel is a big drain on the budget. It would be very convenient to have an additional income while being in another place. You can list your home on Airbnb and host other travelers.

How-to List Your Property on Airbnb 

1. Sign up for Airbnb

  • Registration is free and takes a few minutes;
  • After registration, complete your profile in detail. Your future guests want to know more about the owner;
  • Verify identity with scanned documents and a phone number. This data will be hidden from other users;
  • Link your Airbnb profile to your Facebook or LinkedIn account;
  • Upload a high-quality profile photo.

2. Create a listing 

  • If you are new to this, don't worry: the process of creating a listing will be simple;
  • Airbnb will offer a suggested price per night considering all criteria (location, number of rooms, etc.);
  • You can adjust the recommended price up or down;
  • Choose in the calendar one day or several on which you would like to rent out your house;
  • If you still have questions, you can seek advice from the Airbnb listing experts.

3. Describe your home in detail

  • Describe all the pros and cons of living in your home. It is better to be honest than to receive a bad review later from people for whom the cons were an unpleasant surprise;
  • Focus on the distinctive characteristics of your space: maybe your window has a gorgeous view of a lake; or there is there is a couple of minutes' drive to the best vacation spots in the city from your apartment;
  • Accessible and clearly describe all the features of location. Do not think that an apartment in the city center is bad because it is noisy around. Perhaps this is the option your potential guest is looking for;
  • If you have pets, include this in describing. Guests may have allergies;
  • Compensate for the small disadvantages of living in your home with pleasant bonuses. For example, leave delicious treats in the fridge for guests. They will appreciate such care.

4. List of attractions

  • Specify all nearby attractions in details: parks, cafés, restaurants, museums, and viewing platforms;
  • Enter the walking/driving time to these points from your home.

5. Upload high-quality photos of your home

  • Clean up in the house. Think about photos of hotel rooms. It is unlikely to see them unwashed dishes in a kitchen and clothes on a bed;
  • It is best to photograph a big part of the room. Don't take a photo of each chair;
  • The best photos are obtained when they are taken in sunny weather with open curtains;
  • Also, upload a couple of photos of the surrounding area;
  • Describe each room. If one of the rooms is being repaired, it should also be photographed. Be honest. Guests will not be angry if they know about the cons in advance.

6. Check guest profiles

  • Invite guests who already have positive reviews;
  • In the event of theft or breakage, Airbnb covers up to $1,000,000 in insurance.

7. Use additional services and tools on Airbnb 

  • To save time, you can use additional services. Some of them are paid;
  • Book a Handy cleaning service;
  • Use templates in Smartbnb to chat with guests;
  • To avoid handing over the keys yourself, get a safe for them or buy a smart lock. 

8. Airbnb Superhost

The superhost badge inspires more trust and attracts guests. To get it, you need:

  • Have a grade of 4.8 stars or more; 
  • Quickly respond to messages (response from 90%); 
  • Actively use the account;
  • No cancellations;

Airbnb reviews the criteria every 3 months.

Become an Airbnb Superhost

This service is convenient for those who are looking for housing  and for those who propose it. Develop a profile and earn money even when you are on vacation. These amounts will be able to cover part of the cost of paying for an apartment and a mortgage. 

Do you use this service? What else do you think you can do to become a superhost

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