Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2

Thirteen eerie years after his wife's mysterious disappearance, we find the enigmatic author Alan Wake entrapped in a Dark Place, his reality unyielding to the might of his pen. Yet, this game is more than just a puzzling narrative—it is a canvas upon which is painted a tale of psychological fear intertwined with action-packed survival horror. With vividly rendered worlds and impactful full-motion video sequences, Alan Wake II is a standout title, shining amidst a year of gaming masterpieces.

Clocking in at around 17 hours, Alan Wake II offers a story of greater complexity and yet better coherence than its predecessor. The transition to playing as FBI Agent Saga Anderson—investigating the grim happenings around Cauldron Lake—introduces a juxtaposition of methodical detective work and otherworldly undertakings. Agent Anderson's likability and her interplay with Special Agent Alex Casey roots the story with engaging realism before the uncertainty unfolds into nightmarish vistas.  

The structural backbone of Alan Wake II is its caseboard system, an intricate array of clues and leads fleshed out through tactile organization. This approach guides players through the dense narrative, maintaining focus amidst the multifaceted mystery of Bright Falls. The difficulty settings vary, but the atmospheric tension remains constant. As the narrative oscillates between the grounded investigation and Wake's surreal fight for freedom, the delineation between reality and nightmare becomes a blurred, thrilling enigma.

From the breathtaking sunsets of Bright Falls to Alan's grimy, neon-drenched New York nightmare, Alan Wake II is an exhibition of top-tier artistry. Remedy Entertainment's team crafts each environment to accentuate the shadowy depths of the game's mystery with attention to every unsettling detail, adding to the game's hypnotic allure.

The gameplay in Alan Wake II evolves through innovative environmental puzzles. Alan uses a paranormal table lamp in a way that challenges the player to think differently about their surroundings, akin to memorable mechanics in Remedy's Control. This not only acts as a progression tool but also injects additional intrigue into world navigation, deepening engagement with each new safe haven discovered and path unfolded.

Alan Wake II is undeniably more than the sum of its parts. It manages to weave together gripping gameplay, a robust narrative, and jaw-dropping visuals to create an experience that is both unique and captivating. 

Alan Wake II is a testament to the creative prowess of Remedy Entertainment, offering a game that is bound to stir the imagination and elevate heart rates, a truly inspired sequel that holds its own in a year of heavyweight gaming titles.


  • An engaging blend of psychological storytelling and hands-on detective gameplay
  • Memorable new character in FBI Agent Saga Anderson enhances narrative depth
  • Innovative baseboard system enables coherent navigation of complex plotlines
  • Beautifully detailed and atmospheric environments elevate immersion
  • Clever environmental puzzles provide unique gameplay challenges.


  • The high complexity of the story may not appeal to all players
  • The dark and tense atmosphere may be too intense for some.

Graphics and Sound 7

Controls 8

Gameplay 8

Lasting Appeal 8

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